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HRVC could not serve our athletes and their families like we do without the contribution of volunteers. As a non-profit organization we rely solely on volunteers to operate the club. All of our coaches, team parent representatives (TPR), coordinators and executive members are volunteers. We are currently looking for people who can give even a little time to help our club do what it does.

We do understand the demands on your time, but together we can achieve more!

HRVC remains responsive to the needs of our families and continues to thrive thanks to those of you who get involved and make our club better.

Club Executive

The Executive Committee is responsible for governance, establishing the broad policies and objectives that underlie the Club’s daily and long‐term activities. The Executive Committee determines the Club’s vision and mission and is responsible for all decision‐making, direction and implementation of Club procedures and policies. The Executive Committee members each have a vote, but preference is given to arriving at decision making by consensus. Parents and coaches are encouraged to submit feedback and suggestions, but only the Executive can vote and approve Club decisions.

The Executive meets pre-season to set the operational budget for the teams and club for the upcoming season in consultation with the Technical Director. Individual team budgets are posted at tryouts and available at all Executive meetings. The externally contracted bookkeeper works directly with the Club Treasurer and together they are fiscally responsible for the day to day operations and financial record keeping of the Club.


Chris Wilson


Christina Jones

Club Level Volunteers

Uniform Committee

Chris Wilson

This team is responsible for the selection, procurement, coordination, distribution and fitting of all uniforms and accessories on behalf of the Club. The club runs a 2 year uniform cycle.

Travel Coordinator

The Travel Coordinator will manage travel for all teams going to Cleveland and Chicago and other US destinations as well as Nationals. This position works with team Travel Support person to determine flights where needed and accommodation for the teams and coaches. Funds have been collected as part of fees for coaches travel and are distributed by the Treasurer to the TPR for booking as needed throughout the season.

Banquet Committee

Melissa Gaston

The Burlington Convention Centre will once again be the home of our year end banquet 0n May 28th or May 30th (TBD). A committee utilizes the Banquet Manual to facilitate all necessary arrangements and works closely with the club Secretary on this event. A representative from this committee must attend the year-end wrap up meeting to report on the banquet.

Web & Social Media

Peter Wong
Michelle Wilson

Michelle and Peter cover Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Team Level Volunteers

Team Parent Representative

All Teams Open

Each team is required to have a Team Parent Representative (TPR) who is the liaison between the parents and the coach and represents the parents to the Board. Responsibilities include: updating Team Snap (communication between coaches, athletes and parents), point-person for team concerns, provide team roster and contact info to team members, work with club travel coordinator to secure lodging as needed. The TPR is required to attend 2 Board meetings in December and March as well as the wrap-up meeting at the end of the season.

The TPR is not an assistant coach and is not involved in coaching in any way.

Media Correspondent

All Teams Open

The role of the Media Correspondent is to promptly report medal wins with scores and highlights on the media form along with any digital photos of your team to Julie Roscoe ([email protected]) who will post to the website and Facebook and local papers. This will ensure that your team has local media representation.

Tournament Host

All teams Open

A representative from each team will assist the OVA Tournament Coordinator as needed to include providing names of team parents for lining and scoring matches.

Travel Support

All teams Open

A representative from each team will coordinator travel for Nationals to include flights where needed and accommodation for the team.

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