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The Halton Region Volleyball Club (HURRICANES), founded in 2006, is a nationally prominent volleyball program dedicated to developing youth players through strong fundamental and technical skills instruction. We are committed to providing a training environment that builds leadership, a competitive mentality, and encourages excellence in individual and team achievement.Our results demonstrate that our commitment to improvement works! As a young club we already can claim multiple Provincial and National Championships both indoor and beach!

HRVC is different from other clubs that you may have been involved in for several reasons. HRVC offers a year-round training facility (indoor & beach), but more importantly, HRVC is set up as a complete program that allows players to develop and grow as they continue with the club. The Hurricanes Volleyball program is completely dedicated to providing its’ athletes with the technical, tactical and physical training needed to reach their highest possible potential using a club wide consistent approach. We strive to help each athlete achieve maximum performance.

OVA volleyball is not entirely new to me, as my son was involved for the first time last year, but I am learning all the time and do appreciate the importance of a well-run club. And with my daughter Aleks being new to rep volleyball this year, I was already confident in her choice based on her past experience with Rebeka in the Academy program, and she has been nothing but positive about her experience with Adam and Dwayne to date. I would echo that satisfaction in respect of my first impressions of all of you at the club, and look forward to a great season!
– Paul

For the young player we want to develop a solid base of fundamental skills, as well as a passion for the sport. As players get older and progress through the program, we want to provide the path to a level of excellence that allows each and every athlete to test their own limitations. We understand that we are providing a service to you, the players and parents, not the other way around. This understanding is what drives us to provide the best possible club experience for everyone involved.  For those that have not been involved with HRVC before, we have explained several important aspects of our philosophy below that makes the HURRICANES the best club volleyball choice.

The BEST reason for choosing HRVC is that we understand and embrace the idea that the purpose of club volleyball is to assist players in training and developing their individual skills and techniques. This is why we focus the vast majority of our training time on development rather than winning. Yes, we want our teams to be successful, but not at the expense of developing the individual players. We feel that good players can and will become a successful team if trained properly and given the opportunity to succeed. When athletes are young, it is easy for players and parents to make the mistake of getting caught up in trying to find the best team to play on or trying to play with their friends.  In the search to play on the best team, however, players often overlook the most important element of long-term growth in the sport of volleyball, which is the training and development of individual skills. College coaches do not recruit elite teams; they recruit elite players with elite skills. By providing the best available training and developing the skills of each athlete, we can provide the best possible club volleyball experience for our athletes.

Group Shot
DSC_5899 - Jim Lee
IMG_1915[1] - Bhavisha Morphet
4_WfZpyw - Lisa Staresinic
8CE32C01-C3DE-4ED5-BBA8-036C8FF628C2 - Holly Horton
DSC_4721 - Claudia Kuo
GrandPrix17U_18U_Final - Bhavisha Morphet
IMG_1163[1] - Bhavisha Morphet
IMG_1934[1] - Bhavisha Morphet
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  • Our Mission
  • Our Philosophy
  • Life Lessons

Come Play With Us

Our Mission is to promote the sport of volleyball throughout the Halton Region Halton Region, Ontario, Canada and the world with competitive playing and training opportunities to achieve sustained competitive excellence while developing character and a life long love for volleyball.

Our Vision is to be the premier volleyball organization in Halton Region and consistently rank as a top Ontario Club by offering a full range of programs, competitive training opportunities and events for athletes.

Our Core Competencies:

  1. Integrity
  2. Teamwork
  3. Leadership
  4. Commitment
  5. Vision
  6. Growth
  7. Fun

Our Philosophy:

We believe in process over outcome!

We do our best to embrace a gym culture that cultivates a winning mentality. We are also committed to character development, leadership training, and life-skill application. Winning is not as important as improving but winning is what happens when you constantly improve.

We have a systematic approach to training

We have developed a volleyball program, not just a club with a collection of teams and coaches.  One of the problems that exist in youth volleyball, especially in this area, is the lack of consistency in regard to teaching the basic skills. It is not uncommon for young players to have several different coaches teaching them the skills many different ways over the course of their youth and junior playing days. In our program, all of the coaches, in every age level must learn to teach all of the basic skills with the same techniques and methods. In doing so, players can continue to develop and improve each year and build on what they learn each season instead of starting over again each year with a new coach.  We understand that player development is an ongoing process over a period of time and we try to teach each skill systematically and efficiently with the player’s long-term growth, development, and health as primary objectives

We are committed to training

We trust in the power of quality repetition and fundamental skill development. Experienced coach instruction is essential for skill development. Scientific research suggests that it takes 3,000 consistent repetitions to make a habit, but only 1 repetition to potentially make a bad habit. Skill training takes a long-term commitment, experienced coach instruction, and a positive motivational climate.

We allocate one court per team per minimum two hour practice for each team. We don’t believe that simply scrimmaging for two hours is an effective long-term plan to achieve success.

We facilitate sustainable competitive excellence with:

  1. intense and competitive practices
  2. competition in local, regional, national, and international tournaments
  3. an environment that is demanding and encouraging
  4. the desire to pursue volleyball opportunities beyond the high school level

We are family through volleyball

We expect our coaches and athletes to work together often at practices and along with their families to support each other when possible at competitions. We host club wide events and activities to give our families an opportunity to know each other better. Once a HURRICANE, always a Hurricane!

HRVC is a registered not for profit corporation since 2006. Our program is governed by Volleyball Canada (VC) and is part of the Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA) and supports the National Sport Organization’s and Provincial Sport Organization’s Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model.

Life Lessons 

Over the years we have learned that when a group of people make a commitment to do something great, success usually follows.  Words and concepts such as Commitment, Sacrifice, Responsibility, Accountability, Dedication and Perseverance have great value in not only athletics, but all areas of our lives. Through their participation in sports, young athletes learn lessons about themselves and others, which will carry over throughout every aspect of their lives. As young student-athletes, they must learn the most efficient ways to use time and energy to manage schoolwork, family, practice, social life, etc. They must learn about setting priorities, setting goals and striving to achieve those goals and at the same time understanding that success comes in the pursuit of excellence. At times it seems that we all have forgotten that future success comes from past failures. Part of becoming a successful adult is learning to deal with failure as a child. That is how we grow. That is how we learn. There is nothing noble about falling down, but getting back up each and every time is one of the most important qualities we can teach. Winning is fun, but often losing is much more valuable and the lessons we learn from that eventually shapes us into winners. As coaches, we like to think that some of the lessons learned from making a commitment, being part of a team and making some sacrifices in a program like ours can be carried over into other aspects of our athletes’ lives. We also want our players to understand what it means to be part of a team and what the words TEAM and TEAMMATE really stand for – a group of people who share a common goal together and understand and agree to make sacrifices necessary to make that goal become reality. These athletes learn that individual needs are put aside for the good of the team or the team is destined for failure. We realize this goes against today’s “Sports Centre” mentality where individuals have become bigger that their teams, but we also know that individual glory takes a backseat to team success every time. Being part of a team within a larger program and making sacrifices and commitments to help that team achieve success is possibly the greatest single lesson to be learned from athletics.


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