2018-2019 Tryouts


A one-time tryout fee of $25

is charged to athletes who register at least 3 days in advance online

A walk in fee of $40 will be charged to anyone not pre-registered (and entry is much slower)

so please register online prior to your first tryout – thanks!


Please note that online forms completed late the night before the first tryout may not be printed in time!

Athletes are guaranteed 2 tryouts but the 3rd is by invitation only

**please see chart below schedule to determine the correct age for tryouts**

 Tryouts will be held at both:

Trinity Christian School, 2170 Itabashi Way, Burlington

Haber Recreation Centre, 3040 Tim Dobbie Dr, Burlington

OVA Tryout Window

Re-Signing Period:

August 20th – September 7th (returning athletes only)

Tryout Window Phase 1: September 20th – 30th (all athletes)

On court activities, physical testing, and athlete evaluation may take place. • Clubs may charge tryout fees. • Clubs determine internally which athletes they would like to make offers to once the Offer Period begins. • Clubs are not permitted to send any offers to athletes. • No offers or commitments (verbal or non-verbal) from clubs or athletes are permitted.

Signing Period September 30th at 10 pm email offers go out 

Tryouts are permitted during this period. • Clubs may begin sending offers starting at 10pm on Sept. 30 by email and only using the OVA Offer Form. • To accept an offer, the athlete and their parent/guardian must sign the offer form and email it back to the club within the 24-hour offer period. • The time stamp on the offer email from the club marks the beginning of the 24-hour offer period. All offers expire 24 hours after the time stamp. • Once sent, an offer may not be retracted. It may only be accepted or expire after 24 hours. • A club can send multiple offers to the same athlete, provided a response has not been received. • Accepting an offer is a commitment to a club for the season. • Athletes are not permitted to attend additional tryouts after they have accepted an offer. • Online registration will begin October 1 for athletes.

We hope to see you there!

If you have any questions please send an email to: info@haltonvolleyball.com

Wednesday October 3rd


11U – 12U: from 6 pm to 6:45 pm

13U: from 6:45 pm to 7:30 pm

14U: from 7:30 pm to 8:15 pm

15U – 16U: from 8:15 pm to 9 pm

17U – 18U: from 9 pm to 9:45 pm


Tryout Age Category*

Age Category

Chronological Age Class

11 & Under

Born 2008, 2009

12 & Under

Born 2007 or later

13 & Under

Born 2006 or later

14 & Under

Born 2005 or later

15 & Under

Born 2004 or later

16 & Under

Born 2003 or later

17 & Under

Born 2002 or later

18 & Under

Born 2001 or later

Age Category

Extended Age Class

11 & Under

Born between September 1st 2007 and December 31st 2007

12 & Under

Born between September 1st 2006 and December 31st 2006

13 & Under

Born between September 1st 2005 and December 31st 2005

14 & Under

Born between September 1st 2004 and December 31st 2004

15 & Under

Born between September 1st 2003 and December 31st 2003

16 & Under

Born between September 1st 2002 and December 31st 2002

17 & Under

Born between September 1st 2001 and December 31st 2001

18 & Under

Born between September 1st 2000 and December 31st 2000