NCAA Eligibility Information

January 27, 2014

Click the link below for the official NCAA guide for student athletes.  It contains lots of good information if you are interested in going to school and playing volleyball in the US. NCAA Guide 2013-14 If you would like to go to school and play volleyball post secondary in the US you MUST be registered on the

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US Scholarship Recruiting Guidelines

January 24, 2014

Recruiting Guidelines for athletes looking to play in the US (from NCSA website) Division I Upper Level Schools High School Expectations, 3-4 Year Starter on Varsity Club Expectations: Very Heavy National Club Experience, 5+ Years High Placement in National Tourneys; Examples: Colorado Crossroads, Hoosier Mideast, Big South, SoCal, Lone Star, Northern Lights AAU Championships (Orlando, FL), USA Junior

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